What are the signs and symptoms of an infected spider bite?

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Spider bites can trigger large areas of soreness on the skin with the bite spot in the middle of the red-colored skin. The application of an antibiotic on the wound will help prevent infection from setting in. In case the spider bite becomes infected, additional signs and symptoms will eventually manifest that you have to watch for. If possible, it is recommended to bring the spider that caused the bite for identification purposes once the individual is taken to a hospital for proper treatment.

There are also species of spiders that are highly venomous. If any of these venomous spiders caused a bite, it is vital to bring the individual to the emergency department at the nearest hospital right away since the bites can be poisonous or cause severe tissue damage, resulting to death if emergency care is not given right away. If possible, it is best to bring the spider that caused the bite.

Indications of an infected spider bite

Increased redness of the skin

The bite area will continue to stay red in color and can even spread out father once the spider bite becomes infected. Take note that the inflamed skin will feel warm when touched or even hot. Spider bites can cause a larger area of redness unlike with other insect bites and this can increase the risk for infection if not treated properly right away.


Once a spider delivered a bite on the skin, it can swell right away but if the bite becomes infected, the area will continue to swell and become even more painful. The primary symptoms of a spider bite will worsen as the infection develops. Always remember that spider bites can be very painful.

Oozing pus

Infected spider bite
Stomach cramps is one of the symptoms if a venomous spider delivered a bite.

Oozing pus is considered as a sign of an infected spider bite as the body tries to fight off the infection. The occurrence of pus on a spider bite indicates that the bite sting has become septic. Always keep the spider bite clean and properly covered. Individuals who have an infected bite site that seems to deteriorate must be checked by a doctor right away. The appearance of red streaks that extends from the bite area and fever are indicators that a severe infection has developed and it would require antibiotics to manage it properly.

Bites from venomous spiders

A bite from a venomous spider required immediate treatment right away. The signs and symptoms of a spider bite from a venomous species can start to manifest within hours the bite was delivered and typically include vomiting, nausea, sweating, chills, stomach cramps, headache and fever. It is important to call the poison control center or a doctor right away if a venomous spider is responsible for the bite.

If the spider that delivered a bite could not be determined whether it is venomous or not, simply bring the individual to the hospital so that proper treatment can be provided as soon as possible.

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