First Aid Training Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray, Alberta houses one of the countries best training centers for CPR and first aid: St. Mark James Training. We give trainees the largest variety of training programs, focused on CPR, first aid, and safety and awareness. With the flexible schedule and quality of the training we offer, students continually flock to training with us each year. Credentials we award to students are valid through the entire country, and will be able to meet the provincial legislation in Alberta. If you need any form of certification for CPR, first aid, and safety, St. Mark James Training Fort McMurray is your best choice for training.

About training and certification

All of the programs we offer a credentialing programs that award students with certificates once they complete training. CPR credentials and hydrogen sulfide awareness certificate expire after three years, while credentials from safety programs taken online as well as food safe classes do not expire at all. Food safe certificates are required by provincial legislation to be updated every 5 years.

Before your credential expires, you can choose to sign up for a re-certification program (shorter  than the regular training programs). Remember to sign up before your certificate expires because expired certificates will not be honored. If the expiration date has passed, the rescuer will have to retake the full program.

learning symptomsof dust mite allergy with First Aid Training in Fort McMurray
Common symptoms of a dust mite allergy include cough and sneezing.

CPR and First Aid Training in Fort McMurray

Re-certification program lengths are enclosed in parentheses. AED refers to automated external defibrillators, machines that give the heart electrical shock in an attempt to normalize their rhythm,

  • Standard CPR/AED and First Aid – 2 days, 14-16 hours (6-8 hours); one-person rescue with basic first aid skills
  • Emergency CPR/AED and First Aid – 1 day, 6.5-8 hours (4-6 hours); one-person rescue with basic first aid skills
  • Standard Child Care CPR/AED and First Aid – 2 days, 16-20 (8-9 hours); one-person rescue with basic first aid skills (pediatric CPR)
  • Emergency Child Care CPR and First Aid – 1 day, 8 hours (6-8 hours); one-person rescue with basic first aid skills (pediatric CPR)

There are three levels of stand-alone CPR programs without additional first aid training. Only levels C and HCP have re-certification available. Re-certification is 4 hours long for both programs.

  • Stand-alone CPR A – 4 hours, adult CPR
  • Stand-alone CPR C – 5 hours, adult and pediatric CPR
  • Stand-alone CPR HCP – 6 hours, CPR C for healthcare providers

Food Safety

The food safety program is a credentialing program that teaches the proper handling of food products (either in food service or manufacturing). Employers will usually request several members of the staff to get certification, as per the provincial regulations in Alberta. This program is available as an in-house program.

Safety and Awareness

There are four safety and awareness programs offered by St. Mark James Training Fort McMurray, two of which are typically part of the same course (WHMIS and TDG).

  • WHMIS and TDG – Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System, Transport of Dangerous Goods (online only)
  • Fire hazards (online only)
  • Hydrogen sulfide alive (H2S alive) – available both in house and online

If you need certification for any of these topics, just give the St. Mark James Training Fort McMurray staff a call or send an e-mail to our provider address for inquiries. You can also drop by during regular operating hours to enrol in person.


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