CPR and First Aid Certification in Saskatoon

First aid and CPR certification is available in Saskatoon through St Mark James Training. Certifications provided through this provider meet workplace and provincial requirements.  St. Mark James Training Saskatoon is you number one choice for CPR and first aid certification in the city because of the number of available courses and the low prices. Classes on safety and awareness are also quite popular with our provider. With this large selection of programs and schedules available, trainees are sure to find a certification program.

Registration for Courses of CPR and First Aid Certification in Saskatoon

To register for a course select from the options below.

Pediatric bag valving of CPR and First Aid Certification in Saskatoon
An infant training mannequin and pediatric bag valve mask

St. Mark James Training In Saskatoon

There several CPR training programs students can take through the week, even during weekends. They focus on teaching the basic life supports (BLS) guidelines from 2010 from the American Heart Association. The BLS guidelines help students follow a pathway when providing CPR to cardiac arrest victims. CPR includes chest compressions, rescue breathing, and defibrillation – all part of the St. Mark James Training Saskatoon curricula.

  • Standard First Aid and CPR training teaches one-person rescue to trainees, covering basic lifesaving skills for CPR and first aid (2 days, 14-16 hrs). Re-certification: 6-8 hrs.
  • Emergency First Aid and CPR also teaches one-person rescue to trainees, but over a 1-day emergency course (1 day, 6.5-8 hrs). Re-certification: 4-6 hrs.
  • Standard Child Care First Aid and CPR teaches basic CPR skills and pediatric CPR and first aid. Pediatric CPR is very different from giving CPR to adults, which is highlighted in the program (2 days, 16-20 hrs.). Re-certification: 8-9 hrs.
  • Emergency Child Care First Aid and CPR covers the same topics standard child care training course, completed in 1 day (1 day, 8 hrs.). Re-certification: 6-8 hrs.
Pediatric-sized AED pad
Pediatric-sized AED pad

There are three levels of stand-alone CPR courses offered at St. Mark James Training Saskatoon, each tailored for a different target audience.

  • Stand-alone CPR A teaches adult CPR to the general public (4 hrs.)
  • Stand-alone CPR C teaches adult and pediatric CPR to the general public (5 hrs.)
  • Stand-alone CPR HCP teaches CPR to healthcare providers/professionals (6 hrs.)

Safety and awareness training is offered through the week as well. Safety courses teach students how to prevent hazards/illnesses from occurring due to lack of knowledge. Students will be able to prevent and manage any emergency situation with the topics below.

  • Food safety is an in-house training program. Certification does not expire but upgrade programs are required every five years. Food safety teaches correct handling techniques and food-borne illnesses due to improper handling.
  • Hydrogen sulfide awareness (H2S) is held both online and in-house. Certification expires after three years.

The following are online safety programs that offer certification that does not expire.

  • WHMIS – Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System uses a set of symbols, recognized throughout the world, to label potential or actual dangerous substances. The WHMIS teaches students how to recognize these symbols.
  • TDG – Transport of Dangerous is pretty self-explanatory and usually taken in tandem with WHMIS training. Most hazardous materials containers are labeled with WHMIS symbols because they are often transported over long distances.
  • Fire hazards – This program is a basic training program in keep your home or workplace safe from potential fire hazards. Basic first aid for burns and similar injuries are also taught in this program.
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