First Aid Training in Regina

Quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), first aid, and safety training is offered at St. Mark James Training in Regina, Saskatchewan. We boast an amazing selection of programs, not only confined to CPR but also extending to first aid and safety courses. No other provider in the province offers better training fees and better quality than we do. If you need certification valid throughout Canada for whatever requirement, look no further than St. Mark James Training Regina.

Certifications / Credentials

The certifications we offer are valid throughout Canada, except for food safety certificates which are valid only in your province, in this case Regina. Any credential expires after three years and students who want to keep them valid need to take a re-certification program. Almost all of the programs offered by St. Mark James Training Regina have available re-certification classes.

Learning CPR with First Aid Training Regina

All of the CPR programs we offer (except for stand-alone classes) have first aid lessons included. The CPR curriculum follows the latest guidelines from the American Heart Association release in 2010. These guidelines serve as the outline rescuers follow when managing a cardiovascular/respiratory emergency. Students are taught to follow the “chain of survival” when addressing cardiac arrest.

What is cardiac arrest?

Asthma inhaler
Trainees are taught how to assist victims in using an inhaler (with a spacer, pictured)

Cardiac arrest – CA – is the abnormal or complete loss of cardiac function. This happens when the heart stops beating, causing no blood to pump through the body. Cardiac arrest can be caused by a number of things, most commonly by a blocked artery leading to the heart. When fatty deposits accumulate in the vessels surrounding the heart, they can impair blood flow or even completely block circulation to the heart. Without blood and oxygen, the heart muscle cannot function and start to die.

The following courses are available at St. Mark James Training Regina:

  • Standard CPR (with first aid) – This is a 14-16 hour program that is completed in two days. Trainees learn how to perform one-person rescue on cardiac arrest victims. Re-certification lasts from 6-8 hrs.
  • Emergency CPR (with first aid) – Compresses the Standard CPR program into one day, over 8 hours. Re-certification is 4-6 hrs.
  • Standard Child Care CPR (with first aid) – This program is similar to Standard CPR but teaches trainees how to perform CPR on pediatric victims. It is also a two-day program but runs longer, 16 to 20 hours. Re-certification is 8-9 hrs.
  • Emergency Child Care CPR (with first aid) – Compresses the Standard Child Care CPR program into one day, for 8 hours. Re-certification is 6-8 hrs.
Learning about food safe training with First Aid Training Regina
Food safety and handling programs are available.

All of the programs above include basic first aid training. Basic first aid covers lifesaving skills and injuries, primarily how to manage head injuries, injuries that affect breathing and mobility, and major and minor bleeding. Stand-alone CPR programs are also available.

  • CPR A and is a general public CPR program. CPR HCP is for healthcare providers. Only C and HCP have re-certification available, 4 hrs. each.

Other programs (safety training)

  • Food safety certification is an in-house program that gives trainees certification that does not expire (but must be upgraded after every 5 years)
  • H2S awareness is a safety and awareness program for hydrogen sulfide, available both online and in-house. H2S certificates are valid for 3 years.

The following programs are only offered on-line and have credentials that do not expire.

  • WHMIS – Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System
  • TDG – Transportation of Dangerous Goods
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