April 2016

What causes shortness of breath during cycling?

Shortness of breath can occur in some individuals while cycling. Aerobic exercise and cycling can provide various health benefits but also causes shortness of breath. When an individual experiences the symptom, it is vital to set an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible. Signs and symptoms Some individuals experience symptoms just a few […]

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Digestive issues after eating beef

Some individuals experience digestive issues after ingestion of beef. A typical cause of digestive issues after eating beef is food poisoning which can trigger various gastrointestinal symptoms that manifest within hours of ingesting contaminated beef. Other possible reasons the individual might feel sick after eating beef includes meat intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome or meat allergy.

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How cigarette smoke affects the respiratory system

A healthy respiratory system is structured to protect the lungs from occasional exposure to cigarette smoke,  dust, smoke and other detrimental substances. Always bear in mind that cigarette smoke not only damages the protective mechanism of the lungs but also assaults it with harmful substances on a daily basis. In addition, secondhand smoke also carries

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