Can apples trigger stomach pain?

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Apples are considered highly nutritious that are packed with fiber to help improve the digestive health and antioxidants that reduces the risk for heart disease. On the other hand, all of these benefits are not of any use if stomach pain occurs after consuming the fruit.

The likely cause of the stomach pain is an allergy or fructose malabsorption disorder. When the individual is allergic, he/she must eliminate the fruit from the diet. If it is fructose malabsorption disorder, the individual might still be able to eat small amounts. Prior to making any changes in the diet, a doctor should be consulted first regarding the stomach pain.

Am I allergic to apple?

Even though various fruits can trigger reactions, apples are the usual culprits. Apples might contain various allergens from varying classes of food allergens, thus the symptoms tend to vary from one individual to another.

The oral symptoms usually include swollen and itchy mouth, lips and throat, but stomach pain is also a prevalent symptom. As for the allergy symptoms, they manifest rapidly after the ingestion of the food, usually within minutes or up to an hour or two.

Management of stomach pain from apples

The doctor can determine if the individual is allergic to apples. In case the stomach pain is due to an allergy, the individual should stop eating the fruit. When it comes to food allergy, it involves an immune system reaction to a harmless substance that has been perceived as a threat.

The oral symptoms usually include swollen and itchy mouth, lips and throat, but stomach pain is also a prevalent symptom.

Aside from the stomach pain, an allergy can trigger other symptoms that can be severe or life-threatening such as obstructed air passages and difficulty swallowing. The symptoms can be less or more severe on various occasions. If the individual experienced an episode of mild stomach pain after ingesting apple last month, the next reaction might be severe. Occasionally, individuals who are allergic to raw apples can consume cooked ones since heat destroys the allergens.

What is fructose malabsorption?

Fructose is the sugar that is naturally present in fruits and other foods. It is commonly utilized in food processing for an added sweetness. In some cases, stomach pain can manifest after excess consumption of the substance in whole and processed foods due to the inability of the body to absorb it.

Take note that fructose malabsorption is considered common. The exact cause is unknown but various factors can contribute including bacterial issues in the stomach, stress and inflammation.

Dietary changes

Always bear in mind that fructose malabsorption is not dangerous but can cause discomfort and even lead to depression in some individuals. It is vital to be properly diagnosed by a doctor. Fructose malabsorption disorder does not necessarily require the individual to eliminate apples from his/her diet or all foods that contain fructose.

The individual can still eat apples along with another food packed with glucose since glucose helps with the absorption of fructose. Take note that certain foods containing more glucose such as strawberries are not likely to trigger any issues.

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