First Aid Training in Surrey

If you are in need for workplace or academic purposes enrol in  St. Mark James Training. We have  branches located in Surrey, Vancouver. Several different courses are available including first aid, CPR, AED food safe and on-line safety programs. Program hours vary from 4 hours to as long as 16 hours, depending on how difficult the program is and for whom the program is tailored. With the flexible class hours at available at the First Aid Training Surrey provider, trainees have no problem finding a program that fits their own personal schedule.

First step: Enrolment with First Aid Training Surrey

If you need certification for work or for your own personal reasons, enrolment is the first step to starting your training. There are different ways to sign up for training, the first and most popular being the online application forms. Students can fill out the forms and choose the schedule they want. E-mails, telephone calls, and enrolment in person are other enrolment options.

Whatever your concern is, the St. Mark James Training Surrey staff will be glad to assist you.

Back Blows for a choking conscious victim in First Aid Training Surrey
Back Blows for a choking conscious victim

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid certification

Certification programs are classified into two main categories: CPR and safety and awareness. Both categories incorporate first aid training in the programs that they cover. Certification is awarded to students after they have completed all the requirements for the program. Certificates have a validity of three years; students need to take re-certification classes in order to revalidate them.

Important note: Students cannot sign up for re-certification if their certificate has expired. Only rescues with valid, near-expiry certificates are qualified for re-certification classes.

CPR training programs

  • Standard CPR training teaches students 1-person CPR rescue and basic first aid skills. 1-person CPR teaches trainees the basics of adequate chest compressions and rescue breaths. How to use a defibrillator is also an important topic covered in this program. Defibrillators are machines with pads that can be attached to the chest and give the heart needed electrical shock (to stabilize the heart rhythm). Basic first aid covers skills such as wound care, medication administration, and bandaging. This program runs for 14-16 hours over 2 days. Re-certification: 6-8 hrs.
  • Emergency CPR training teaches students the same curriculum as Standard CPR but completed everything in 1 day, over a 6.5-8-hour session. Re-certification: 4-6 hrs.
  • Standard Child Care CPR training teaches trainees 1-person CPR rescue and basic first aid skills for pediatric victims. Performing CPR and first aid on adults is vastly different from performing it on children. The term pediatric is used to define patients/victims whose ages range form infant (12 months) to younger teenagers. The entire program is 16-20 hours, completed over two days. Re-certification: 8-9 hrs.
  • Emergency Child Care CPR training teaches the entire Standard Child Care CPR in a 1-day, 8-hour program. Re-certification: 6-8 hrs.

Stand-alone CPR classes that do not include first aid training are also offered by St. Mark James Training Surrey. There are three levels that trainees choose from, the first two tailored for the general public while the last is tailored for healthcare providers – HCP.

  • CPR Level A – general public course, adult CPR, 4 hours
  • CPR Level C – general public course, adult and pediatric CPR, 5 hours
  • CPR Level HCP – healthcare provider course, adult and pediatric CPR, 6 hours

Re-certification for the stand-alone programs is only available for levels C and HCP, lasting 4 hours long each.

Safety and awareness training

The following safety and awareness training programs are offered in the Surrey branch of St. Mark James Training. Certification for online programs do not expire.

  • Food safety and handling – in house program; certification has no expiry but upgrades are required every 5 years
  • WHMIS (online)
  • TDG (online)
  • H2S – available online and in house; certification expires after three years
  • Fire hazards (online)
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