Emergency procedures when using an elevator

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Based on statistics, every year many individuals end up injured when using elevators. It cannot be denied that using an elevator is a convenient way to travel between floors of a building especially for parents with children as well as the elderly and those with immobility issues. Since elevators go to great heights by utilizing electrical apparatuses, being familiar with safety precautions before using one can help keep you safe. In case you are in an elevator emergency, there are certain emergency procedures to be familiar with.

Telephone communication

Once an elevator emergency occurs, the passengers must contact the safety and security office of the building by using the communication system in the elevator. Most of the elevators are equipped with either an alarm button or built-in telephone system. All you have to do is to use the telephone or press the alarm in order to inform the maintenance office of the building. In case the elevator is not built with a communication system, you can use a mobile phone if possible to get in touch with the local police department.

Location of the elevator

When speaking to the officer in charge of the safety and security office in the building, you have to inform regarding the exact floor level or location. The security office will inform the repair and maintenance services of your location as well as hasten the response time. Do not forget to inform the office the number of passengers in the elevator.

Stay calm while waiting for help to arrive

It is important to stay calm all the time during an elevator emergency. You have to take deep breaths in order to relax and follow the instructions of the officer. Panicking while inside an enclosed elevator can lead to hyperventilation or other physical symptoms that can be dangerous. The safety and security office will stay in line until help arrives and can inform you regarding the repair procedures to be performed.

elevator emergency
Panicking while inside an enclosed elevator can lead to hyperventilation or other physical symptoms that can be dangerous.

Elevator doors

During an elevator emergency, do not attempt to force the door open to escape. Take note that opening the elevator door can be dangerous as the elevator might be stuck between floors. Try to stay far away from the doors as possible until the safety and security office will provide further instructions.

Do not leave the elevator if the door is open with the floor not in level. This is very dangerous since it might continue to move, thus resulting to injuries and even death.

Fire emergencies

In case of fires, elevators usually return to the first floor of the building so that the occupants can exit safely. You have to stay calm and once the elevator reaches the first floor, go directly to the nearest emergency exit.

If other passengers are panicking, it is important to calm them that help is on the way. Becoming stressed out during an elevator emergency will not help the situation at all.

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