Aspartame poisoning

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Aspartame is well-known as an artificial sweetener that is utilized in sweetening foods without the excess calories. Some individuals often drink or eat products that contain aspartame in an effort to lose or maintain their weight. Always bear in mind that aspartame can result to certain health issues if taken in excessive amounts.

If you are using artificial sweeteners and diet sodas on a regular basis, it is best to minimize your usage since the aspartame present on such products can accumulate in the body and eventually lead to the manifestation of the side effects.

For health conscious individuals, they are in search for the ideal food substitutes in order to keep the calorie count low as well as maintaining a healthy diet. This led to the increasing use of sweetener substitutes, particularly aspartame. The substitute was considered as a safe alternative to the regular sugar used in different food preparations and based on further research, but it was discovered that aspartame is actually harmful if not used carefully and appropriately.

Side effects of excessive use of aspartame

As an alternative to sugar, it is assumed to be safe and already present in many products in the market right now. Nevertheless, based on recent studies, it was discovered that aspartame has certain side effects especially with continuous use.

aspartame poisoning
Abdominal pain is one of the symptoms of aspartame poisoning.

• Diminished vision
Pain within or behind the eyes
• Tinnitus
• Blindness
• Impaired hearing
• Dizziness
• Headache
• Drowsiness
• Memory loss and confusion
• Nausea
• Difficulty breathing and heart palpitations
• Paresthesia of the limbs
• Skin reactions and allergies
• Abdominal pain

Aspartame is present in coffee, diet sodas and yogurt. Products such as Equal and NutraSweet can appear as a healthy alternative to sugar but it is important that you are familiar with the possible effects of excessive intake. These are just some of the side effects and also have the potential for poisoning if taken unreasonably. Always remember that the indications of aspartame poisoning can affect both mental and physical functioning and even result to death if not treated right away. Emergency assistance is required as soon as possible.

Detoxification from aspartame

Individuals who experience the side effects of aspartame should consider detoxifying the body in order to prevent further accumulation of the harmful substance. There are several natural methods to detoxify aspartame from the body.
An effective method of detoxification is to use activated charcoal that in applied topically or taken orally. Other methods include the intake of hydrogen peroxide along with vitamins E, C and B complex. The intake of amino acids is also effective in restoring the system as well as restoring the damage caused by excessive amounts of aspartame. It is also best to avoid foods that contain high amounts of aspartame and sticking to a healthy diet. In doing so, it is set the path towards a healthy and toxin-free living.

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