What are foods that trigger a silent migraine?

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A silent migraine is described as a migraine headache that is not accompanied by pain. It has various symptoms that are characteristic of a full-blown migraine headache including speech and hearing issues, visual aura but since the discomfort in the head is absent, it can be mistaken as other health issues such as a stroke. A silent migraine can be instigated by various causes including certain foods. Identifying as well as eliminating the offending foods can provide long-term relief from future attacks.

Alcohol and caffeine

Alcohol in various forms particularly red wine is linked with migraine headaches. It is vital to test each type of alcohol by consuming one kind at a time in order to determine the kind of results that manifest after drinking it. Some might find only one type of trigger for the migraines or all alcoholic beverages should be avoided.

Some individuals with silent migraine have caffeine as the trigger while others notices that it relieves one. If the individual drinks a lot of caffeinated soda or coffee, he/she might experience headaches when he/she attempts to stop. The consumption should be slowly reduced over time to avoid headaches. Observe whether the symptoms of silent migraine manifest or simple tension headache after drinking caffeine.

It has various symptoms that are characteristic of a full-blown migraine headache including speech and hearing issues, visual aura but since the discomfort in the head is absent.


Chocolate is a main trigger for some individuals who have silent migraines. Take note that chocolate is packed with various chemicals where some soothe and others aggravate. In case chocolate is a trigger for migraine, it is best to avoid all chocolate and slowly test various types of chocolate to see which one is less stimulating.

Pickles, legumes and fruits

Legumes are often one of the culprits responsible for causing silent migraines. Some beans such as Lima, fava, garbanzo, pole, navy, pinto and Italian green beans might trigger the migraine. In addition, pickled and fermented foods might also trigger issues. Try to note the effects on the body after eating kimchi, sauerkraut, onions, pickles, raw garlic, olives and onions.

Some fruits that are oftentimes involved in triggering a silent migraine include papayas, figs, avocados, prunes and overripe bananas.

Aged cheese

Aged cheese is often the most reactive trigger for any kind of migraine headache. Take note that the older the cheese, the more problematic it becomes. Cheese contains tyramine which is a chemical that has been linked with the development of migraines.

The longer the cheese is aged, the more tyrosine is present. This might also contribute to the elevation of the blood pressure in some individuals. The list of potential cheeses that should be avoided include blue, Gouda, Stilton, Camembert, brick, Brie, romano, Parmesan, Gruyere, provolone and cheddar.

The individual should note down the foods that trigger the symptoms of a silent migraine. In doing so, the individual can avoid these foods to prevent future attacks from occurring.

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