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For those who are suffering from osteoarthritis, a valgus knee brace will help prevent a knee joint replacement later on. It is important to note that this type of brace is usually recommended as a traditional mode of treatment for the condition. When it comes to medial arthritis, it involves the deterioration of the interior part of the joint. By reducing the load in this area, it can provide effective relief from pain as well as reducing the risk for further damage.

When an individual uses a valgus knee brace, it can provide relief from pain without requiring an invasive form of treatment such as surgery. As an unloader brace, it is considered more effective than the other types of bracing options for osteoarthritis. Many experience relief by using a knee sleeve but better relief is offered with this type of brace. Once an unloader brace is used, the individual can take part in various activities that would otherwise cause a lot of pain. If you want to properly manage the symptoms of osteoarthritis, click here.

Valgus knee
When it comes to medial arthritis, it involves the deterioration of the interior part of the joint.


It is important to note that a valgus knee brace utilizes leverage in order to reduce the stress on the medial or interior aspect of the knee, thus minimizing further wear and pain. This leverage is produced by utilizing pressure on the exterior part of the knee, opening the joint on the inside. This will allow an improvement in the alignment which also helps in eliminating an abnormal gait or limping.

What are the types?

Valgus knee braces are readily available in various types and styles. Always bear in mind that these range from a basic knee sleeve with an in-built unloader hinge as well as braces that are rigid and those that are customized to fit with the exact measurements of the individual. The hinge can be present or has an adjustment that allows an increase or decrease in the load to comply with the specific needs of the individual.

Considerations to bear in mind

Always bear in mind that acquiring the right type of brace can increase the success from its usage. The style, size and fit are essential in the comfort of the individual. The proper application is also a vital factor in the effectiveness of the valgus knee brace. The doctor will determine the suitable brace for the individual. Take note that insurance can cover the brace if the doctor provides a prescription.

It is best to seek medical care if the individual complains of persistent knee pain when wearing a valgus knee brace. The proper diagnosis of this condition is required for the brace to be effective. When using an unloader brace for bilateral osteoarthritis, it might not help the condition. Always remember that a brace must be used along with medical treatment.

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