Treatment for steam burns

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A steam burn occurs once the rising steam gets in contact with the skin. This will make the skin red in color and irritated. Severe cases of steam burns would require a visit to the emergency room. As for mild cases, they can be treated at home with basic first aid involving the application of a cool compress, honey and aloe vera gel.

An individual can get a steam burn if exposed to boiling water or when cooking food. Most of these typically occur in the kitchen. With this in mind, it is important to take care when cooking and avoid leaving pots or kettles uncovered.

First aid for steam burn

Steam burn
When treating a steam burn, you have to initially assess the severity of the burn.

When treating a steam burn, you have to initially assess the severity of the burn. If the burn appears red and white in color but does not cause a lot of pain, it requires immediate medical care since these burns might be deep and has damaged the nerve endings. In case the burn sustained is minor, it is vital to move the individual away from the area and keep the affected area cool and clean.

Even though cooling the affected area is important, you should not use ice directly on the steam burn since it will only cause further damage. Running water over the affected area is enough. You can also apply a cold compress to help minimize the warmth caused by the burn. Make sure that the compress is held against the skin for 3-5 minutes.

What to do for blisters?

In case the steam burn starts to develop blisters, it is important to seek medical care as soon as possible since these blisters can become infected. In case medical care is not readily available, there are first aid measures that you have to perform. Initially, the affected area must be cleaned thoroughly using a mild antiseptic and cover with a bandage. The bandage must be changed several times in a day in order to prevent infection from developing. Even though it will take a while for the skin to fully recovery, the blisters must be given enough time to heal naturally and must not be popped open.

Home remedies for steam burns

A superficial steam burn can greatly benefit by using certain remedies. One recommended option is aloe vera gel that you have to apply over the burned area in order to soothe the burn as well as hasten the healing process. You can also use honey which has been a common remedy for burns. If you are going to use honey, apply a thick coating of unfiltered or raw honey on the site of the burn and then cover with a plastic wrap up to 48 hours in order to help heal the skin as well as protect it from infection.

Additionally, a mixture of rosewater and over-ripe bananas can help draw out the heat from the steam burn. Other remedy that you can use is a paste made out of olive oil, turmeric and sandalwood. Take note that this is recommend for minor burns.

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