Remedies for sinus headaches in children

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The inflammation of the sinuses which are air-filled cavities behind the eyes, nose and cheeks can trigger sinus headaches. The signs and symptoms include throbbing or dull pain in the head and pressure in one area of the face. The treatment of the underlying sinus inflammation is the most effective treatment for the headache, but this can involve prescription drugs such as antibiotics or corticosteroids. Some individuals choose home remedies to manage sinus headaches in children.

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Inflammation of the sinuses or sinusitis can occur due to a respiratory infection or allergies. Once the sinuses are inflamed, they could no longer circulate air properly and mucus is unable to drain out. The nasal passages are blocked and pain manifests.

A humidifier can be used or a nasal saline spray to help minimize the sinus congestion in children or adults. Inhalation of steam several times in a day can also help. Other measures that are beneficial for children include relaxation techniques and stretches for the head and neck. In addition, it is recommended to clean the house every week to eliminate any allergens that can trigger sinusitis.


Sinus headache
You can utilize a simple ice pack to provide relief to a child suffering from a sinus headache.

There are various supplements that can help prevent or manage sinus headaches. In studies conducted, it was discovered that bromelain which is an enzyme present in pineapples can help reduce the inflammation and relieve the sinusitis symptoms. The individual can eat pineapples which is the safest way to obtain bromelain.

On the other hand, bromelain in supplement form is often combined with quercetin which is a plant pigment present in fruits and vegetable that functions as an antihistamine. Quercetin works by preventing the production and release of histamine in test tubes but there is limited proof that it blocks histamine in humans. There is also insufficient evidence to support if quercetin is safe for children. A doctor should always be consulted first before using any supplements.


There are herbal remedies that can be used to manage sinus headaches. These work by thinning out the mucus and promote drainage of the sinuses.  Another herb that has been used for many years is feverfew. This is safe to provide to children 2 years and older. The herbal medications that are not considered safe for children include Devils’ claw, willow bark and Chinese skullcap.

Other remedies for sinus headaches

You can utilize a simple ice pack to provide relief to a child suffering from a sinus headache. Apply the ice over the sore area and instruct the child to rest with it in place.

Spicy foods can also help clear up the nasal passages. In case the child likes to eat spicy foods, provide him/her with a meal that includes chili, hot Chinese mustard or wasabi.

You can also utilize eucalyptus oil which is a natural expectorant to manage sinus headaches. All you have to do is apply a few drops of eucalyptus oil in a glass of boiling water. Instruct the child to inhale the vapor with a towel covering his/her head to contain the steam produced.

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