Relief for severe nasal congestion

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It is important to note that nasal congestion has various causes including common cold and allergies. Providing relief to severe nasal congestion helps reduce the headache pain and facial discomfort linked to the condition and the key in preventing sinus infections from developing.

You can utilize a neti pot to irrigate the sinuses for relief from the symptoms. With regular use, it can also prevent severe nasal congestion from developing. If a family member is suffering from nasal congestion, this relief measure can be used to provide relief as well as restore normal breathing again.

Nasal congestion
Nasal congestion has various causes including common cold and allergies.
  • Combine ¼ to ½ teaspoon of sea salt or kosher salt and a pinch of baking soda into a cup of warmed distilled water. Mix thoroughly and pour into a neti pot.
  • Instruct the individual to lean over a sink and tip his/her head to the left until the ear is almost in line to the counter and open his/her mouth slightly. Position the tip of the neti pot into the right nostril and pour the contents, allowing it to drain out of the other nostril.
  • Instruct the individual to tip the head back to the center and allow any leftover water to drain out of the nose. He/she should blow the nose through both nostrils to expel any remaining water.
  • Prepare another cup of the solution and pour it into the neti pot. This solution is performed on the nostril.
  • After irrigating both nostrils, the individual can step away from the sink. With his/her feet wide apart and hands gently on the floor, he/she must dangle the head upside down for about 8 seconds. He/she should lift the left arm toward the ceiling and tilt the head to look into the palm of the hand for 8 seconds. Repeat this process using the right hand.
  • The individual should stand upright steadily and provide him/her with a tissue to cover the nose. Allow any remaining water to drain into the tissue. The individual should blow the nose through both nostrils to eliminate any leftover water.

Important considerations to bear in mind

The water used for the neti pot should not be overheated. Make sure that you will test the temperature of the water first on the inside of the wrist. Draining all the water from the nostrils is important so that it will not accumulate in the sinuses. Blowing both nostrils to expel water can be repeated several times if needed.  After using the neti pot, it should be wash thoroughly.

If an individual suffers from severe nasal congestion, it would require several uses of the neti pot to achieve the best relief.

By using this measure properly, you can help relieve the nasal congestion experienced by the individual.

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