Morning headaches

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When it comes to morning headaches or tension headaches, they typically start the moment the individual wakes up in the morning. The headache can last for a few minutes or continue throughout the day. The morning headaches can occur as a consequence of unfitting sleeping positions, insomnia or even using the wrong kind of pillow.

Stress can also trigger a morning tension headache. This morning headache can be felt on both sides of the head, particularly in the scalp area and the temples. In addition, morning headaches tend to feel worse if the individual is exposed to sources of bright light.

Choosing the right pillow

Most individuals who experience morning headaches believe that the pillow used is the main culprit. Always bear in mind that pillows tend to condense over time and the sleep surface could no longer provide adequate support to the neck the right way. This generates tightness in the neck and shoulders, thus resulting to an episode of a morning headache.

If the individual experiences chronic episodes of morning headaches, it is best to check the pillows used. In case the pillow is old or too hard, it should be replaced with a pillow that was specifically designed for proper head and neck position. A few nights using the right kind of pillow might be the solution.

Certain sleeping positions can create pressure points all over the body. This causes tension to the neck, jaw and shoulders, resulting to a morning tension headache.

Certain health conditions

In case the morning headaches are not regular, the body might be sending out a signal of the onset of a flu or common cold. During the flu and cold season, various symptoms occur before a full blown case puts the individual at bed. A morning headache is a good indication that there is an upcoming cold, flu or upper respiratory infection causing the uncomfortable sinus pressure.

Sleeping position

It is not just the pillow that causes neck and shoulder tension that results to a morning headache. Certain sleeping positions can create pressure points all over the body. This causes tension to the neck, jaw and shoulders, resulting to a morning tension headache.

The ideal sleeping position is on the side with a pillow tucked in between the knees. This position helps relieve lower back pain, leg pain as well as promoting a better neck position. Individuals who sleep on their stomachs often suffer from headaches due to the unusual turn of the neck for extended periods at night. As for “back sleepers”, they experience headaches due to excessive sleep apnea or snoring which prevents a restful sleep at night.

Decaffeinate beverages

Excessive intake of caffeine on a daily basis can cause morning headaches. It is important to note that caffeine stimulates the central nervous system to produce a restless sleep at night that can lead to a morning headache.

The body also experiences chemical changes while at rest and the individual might be going through a caffeine withdrawal during the nighttime hours which produces a caffeine headache. Remember that caffeine is a diuretic and causes the loss of fluids which results to slight dehydration that can trigger a morning headache.

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