Leg ulcer: Ideal home remedies

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A leg ulcer is simply an open wound that is persistent or could not properly heal. The possible causes usually include diabetes and poor circulation as well as circulatory or valve dysfunction.

The common form is the venous stasis leg ulcer which is usually found below the knee, slightly higher than the ankle on the rear or side of the leg. The medical care usually includes antibiotics and medications to prevent the formation of blood clots.

Home remedies for a leg ulcer

After medical treatment, there are various home remedies that can be done to promote the healing of the leg ulcer.

Elevation and increased level of activity

The lower extremities must be elevated to reduce the buildup of fluid in the legs and feet as well as prevent further formation of ulcers. It is recommended to raise the legs at the level of the heart.

Getting enough rest throughout the day is also vital. Yet, gradual activity must be included in the daily routine to promote circulation to the leg ulcer. Light stretching or walking are recommended. Make sure that a doctor is consulted first before the individual engages in any exercise program, particularly those who had a sedentary lifestyle.

Proper cleansing and wound care

As an open wound, cleansing and wound care is essential in monitoring the healing and determine if treatment is indeed effective. Water and mild soap should be used to cleanse the wound daily.

Take note that gentle cleansing eliminates dead skin tissue and any drainage from the leg ulcer.

If an infection is present, it includes symptoms such as:

Leg ulcer
As an open wound, cleansing and wound care is essential in monitoring the healing and determine if treatment is indeed effective.
  • Warmth
  • Redness
  • Drainage of pus

In such cases, a moist dressing or bandage is required and must be changed daily. Additionally, prescription ointments are applied on these wounds.


There are various forms of compression treatments that can be used on a leg ulcer. Compression stockings are readily available in the market and available in varying strengths.

These stockings can be used to minimize the swelling in the foot and promote circulation to encourage healing of the leg ulcer. The stocking is inserted onto the foot and rolled upwards to the knee before getting out of bed every morning. They should be used throughout the day.

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