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One of the advantages of choosing first aid training schools with the right course contents such as the St Mark James Training center is that they discuss drug interactions and how it can worsen medical emergencies. This is important for rescuers who may not have insufficient knowledge regarding the background of the patient that they are trying to help such as the food and medications that the patient ingested prior to the incident. Here are some of the topics regarding drug interactions that are discussed in these training centers.

The Effects of Drug Interactions

Anti-allergy Medication
Anti-allergy Medication

The most well-known effect of drug interaction is the development of unexpected adverse reactions in which the patient may suffer from certain side effects that they would not have incurred if the drug interaction did not take place. Drug interactions can also cause patients to suffer from drug toxicity since certain drug interactions can speed up the absorption process of certain medications. It can strengthen the therapeutic effect of a drug up to the point that it causes more harm than good or it can lessen the therapeutic effect of a drug up to the point that it would be of no use to the patient.

The Types of Drug Interactions

According to the United States Food and Drug Administration, drug interactions can be divided into three categories according to their mechanism. The first category is the food to drug interaction. In this interaction, the adverse effects are caused by eating inappropriate food and drinking the wrong beverages. Drug to drug interaction is the second and the most lethal out of the other categories since the side effects can be seen almost instantly. The third and the most overlooked category is the drug to condition interaction. This happens when a patient takes a medication which is not suitable for his diagnosed condition for other medical problems.

Tips on How to Avoid Drug Interactions

In high-quality first aid training schools such as the St Mark James Training, this subtopic is given utmost importance. Rescuers are trained how to ask the right questions before or while administering the necessary first aid techniques in order to determine the medications that they should avoid. These questions will also help rescuers determine the cause of the medical crisis and the appropriate medical interventions. By learning about drug interactions, they will also be able to relay accurate information about the patient to the receiving healthcare professionals such as doctors to ensure the appropriate continuance of care.

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