How to use cider vinegar in treating leg cramps

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Leg cramps are considered as the painful result of muscle contraction that occurs in the calf, quadriceps or thigh, resulting from a strain or sports injury. If the leg cramps are not caused by exertion, doctors are not certain why they occur but it is usually due to lack of essential minerals and dehydration. Cider vinegar is fermented apple juice and comprised of small amounts of minerals including potassium and calcium. If cider vinegar is taken with honey and water, it can help relieve leg cramps.

What are night-time leg cramps?

It is important that the elderly often suffer from leg cramps in bed at night time. Even though doctors are not yet sure of the exact cause, some heart medications are responsible. In some studies conducted, certain medications including diazepam and quinine are prescribed to provide relief for leg cramps, but there are side effects that can occur. It is recommended to perform regular exercise and taking a warm bath before going to bed. In case the condition persists, it is best to consult a doctor.

Leg cramps
Leg cramps can be relieved by wrapping the affected area using a warm cloth that has been soaked in strong vinegar. Allow some time to rest and repeat the compress every 20 minutes.

Long-term solution

Repetitive strain injury is considered as a common condition initiated by using the same muscles over and over. The result is either a muscle strain or sore cramps. Massage can help but only for long-term relief.

A diet that is free from dairy without any animal fat and plenty of green salad along with 2 teaspoons of cider vinegar that is diluted in water twice a day can help dissolve the acid crystals present in the blood. This can also provide calcium, potassium and other vital minerals to the body required in relieving the leg cramps.

Just be careful when taking cider vinegar for extended periods. It must always be diluted in water. Just like with citrus fruits, the acetic acid present in vinegar can eventually erode the tooth enamel if not properly cleaned off, thus always rinse the mouth well after drinking cider vinegar especially before going to bed.

Using a warm vinegar compress

Leg cramps can be relieved by wrapping the affected area using a warm cloth that has been soaked in strong vinegar. Allow some time to rest and repeat the compress every 20 minutes. If the cramps persist, consult a doctor for proper assessment.

Always remember that if cider vinegar will be used to manage leg cramps, it must be diluted in warm water and add a teaspoon of honey in order to improve the flavor. You can learn more about management by registering for first aid training today. When preventing leg cramp, the individual should lead a healthy and active lifestyle as well as avoiding fatty foods. When it comes to persistent leg cramps, it is best to consult a doctor and check before cider vinegar is used since it might clash with current conditions or the medications being taken.

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