How to deal with eye injuries

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When it comes to eye injuries, it is important to provide immediate first aid care so that any permanent damage to the eye and surrounding structures can be minimized. There are certain measures that you should be familiar with especially scratches, cuts, blows to the eye as well as injuries to the eyelids.

First aid for scratches, blow or cuts to the eye

• In case the eyeball has been injured due to a sports activity or in a work environment, it is best to seek immediate medical care right away.
• You can apply cold compresses to the affected eye in order to minimize the swelling and put a stop to the bleeding. Avoid applying pressure to control the bleeding since it can cause more damage.
• If the blood is pooling or accumulating in the eye, you have to cover both eyes using a sterile dressing or clean cloth. After both eyes are properly covered, go to the emergency department at the nearest hospital.

First aid for cuts in the eyelids

• The eye should be washed carefully. You have to apply a thick layer of mupirocin or bacitracin ointment on the affected eyelid. Use a patch over the eye and seek medical help right away.
• In case the cut is still bleeding, you have to apply mild pressure with a dry clean cloth until the bleeding is controlled.
• Wash with water, wrap with a clean dressing and apply a cold compress in order minimize the swelling and pain.

eye injuries
Any eye injury requires the appropriate first aid measures to minimize further damage.

Important considerations when dealing with eye injuries

• Always instruct the individual to avoid rubbing or pressing the injured eye.
• If the individual uses contact lenses, do not remove them unless quick swelling is developing, chemical injury in which the contact lenses were not removed during the flushing of water and if you could not get medical help right away.
• Do not try to remove a foreign object that is embedded in any part of the eye. Always seek medical help right away.
• Avoid using tweezers, cotton swabs or any tool on the eye since it can pierce or damage the eye. Take note that cotton swabs must only be used on the eyelids.

When to call for emergency medical assistance

In certain cases of eye injuries, the best approach is to seek emergency assistance right away in order to prevent further damage.

• There is a visible cut, scratch or penetration of the eyeball.
• Chemicals have entered the eye.
• Eye pain is accompanied with nausea.
• Eye is red in color and painful.
• Vision problems or difficult seeing.

If there are small particles that were removed from the eye, the individual will still experience a scratchy sensation along with minor discomfort for a short period. These will simply go way after 1-2 days. If it persists or the individual complains of blurred vision, it is best to consult a doctor to determine the precise cause.

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