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For those who are planning to buy an AED, there are certain things to consider. Many tend to figure out which brand and model is the best, but always bear in mind that there is no single device that is better than the other. All the AEDs in the market are FDA-approved and are guaranteed to work effectively and there is no brand that has been proven to save more lives.

There are important considerations to bear in mind when buying an AED.

When buying an AED, it does requires a big investment, thus it is vital to search the available options to determine a suitable and cost-effective model. There are certain factors to bear in mind when buying an AED such as the features, cost, size, and warranty and the display options.


The estimated battery life span is a vital factor to consider when buying an AED. The battery life tends to vary from one unit to another and can influence the overall cost of ownership. When you are looking for the right AED, you have to figure out the average yearly cost of the battery by dividing the battery price with the estimated life span of the battery. If the AED will be used regularly, it is best to get a unit that has rechargeable batteries. In doing so, it can help save money in the long run.

Weight and size

All AED are built in a light and portable manner. If you want to put an AED in a first aid kit, you should opt for a compact unit that can fit perfectly. Always remember that all AEDs are user-friendly with either a visual or audio guide but every model in the market features a distinct visual display. You can opt for those that have large, brightly-lit displays for easy reading especially in low or bright light conditions.


All AEDs in the market are comprised of the device, batteries, electrode pads and some have extra accessories such as extra pads and a carrying case. You have to search for the right AED that can offer the best value.

Voice prompt feature

Today, all AEDs are built with a voice prompt feature that can provide you with instructions. Many prefer the units that provide simple voice prompts while others like to use those that offer specific and detailed instructions.


All brand-new AEDs have a warranty of at least 5 years. There are even some units that have a 7-year warranty without any additional charge along with warranties for the batteries and other accessories.


In case the AED will be used in a location where there are many children such as schools, it is best to look for an AED that has pediatric pads or a child switch or key. With a child switch/key or pediatric pads, the level of shock delivered by the AED is properly adjusted for children.

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