Early indications of peripheral neuropathy

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Peripheral neuropathy is described as a group of symptoms in the feet and hands due to nerve damage. The usual causes include infections, injuries as well as exposure to toxins, metabolic issues and diabetes.

The symptoms of peripheral neuropathy typically improve as the underlying condition is properly treated. Along with the prescribed medications, the individual should exercise, avoid extended pressure, cessation of smoking, healthy meals and regularly checking the hands and feet for blisters or cuts. The individual should consult a doctor if he/she starts to notice the early indications of peripheral neuropathy.

Nerve pain

Oftentimes, an early indication of neuropathy is pain in the feet or hands. Generally, if an underlying health condition involves the nerves in the hands and feet, there is foot pain before pain in the hand. This typically occurs once the nerves are damaged which can trigger a sharp, burning, electric-like or jabbing pain.

In such cases, the individual should seek immediate medical care. Early recognition of the primary cause of nerve pain along with appropriate treatment can prevent further damage. Additionally, the doctor can also provide medications to reduce the nerve pain.


Peripheral neuropathy
Generally, if an underlying health condition involves the nerves in the hands and feet, there is foot pain before pain in the hand.

The individual can suffer from numbness in the early phases of peripheral neuropathy. This occurs due to an underlying condition that can damage the nerves that perceive pain, heat or touch. This early sign entails immediate medical care since the underlying condition requires diagnosis and treatment to prevent further damage to the sensory nerves.

In addition, individuals who experience numbness must assess the feet daily for blisters, cuts or other indications of damage. Due to numbness, the individual might not be able to detect and deal with these injuries on the skin. If not treated, a wound or blister can end up infected and result to serious complications. Always bear in mind that proper foot care is vital if numbness is experienced.


Sensitivity might be an early indication of peripheral nerve damage. This is characterized as increased sensation to touch, even light touch. Remember that this occurs since the nerves that are impaired are more sensitive to stimuli which can cause discomfort. In such cases, the individual must seek treatment so that the underlying condition can be properly diagnosed and managed. The doctor might even prescribe medications to properly manage peripheral neuropathy.

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