Diabetes care: Proper care of the feet

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Among those with diabetes, proper foot care is vital. It is important to note that food conditions are common among those with diabetes and can become serious rapidly. The feet must be assessed regularly.

If an individual has diabetes, the feet require extra care. The condition can impair the nerve endings as well as blood vessels in the feet which makes it less likely for the individual to notice if the feet are damaged. Diabetes can also disrupt with the ability of the body to fight infection.

In case a minor foot injury occurs, it can end up as an ulcer or progress into a serious infection. The ulcers might form on the bottom of the feet or on top or base of the toes. The prevention of injury to the feet involves wearing good-fitting shoes and socks always.

Diabetes foot care
Regularly check the feet no less than once a day including the toes.

How to care for your feet if you have diabetes

  • Regularly check the feet no less than once a day including the toes. You can utilize a handheld mirror or magnifying lens to assess the feet.
  • The feet must be washed daily. Make sure that the feet and toes are dry before wearing socks and shoes.
  • Wear properly-fitting socks and shoes. Soft shoes that provide adequate support and fit well are best choices. When breaking in new shoes, it must be done slowly by wearing them for a few hours in a day and increasing the number of hours worn in a week. The socks used should have no seams.
  • Protect the feet against injury. Before wearing shoes, check for any objects or rough spots within the shoes or objects that might be pushing through the soles. Check the feet for blisters, scrapes or cuts after activities such as skiing or hiking.
  • Seek early treatment for any foot issues. A doctor must be consulted even for minor foot problems. Remember that a serious problem can arise from a minor irritation. Once a foot issue develops, seek care early.

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