Contact lens care: What happens if I do not remove them?

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A number of individuals all over the world use contact lens to correct vision problems. Even though contact lenses are simple and effective as well as eliminating the need to use glasses, they can also trigger issues if not properly cared for.

Contact lens vary in the time frame they should be used before using a new pair, but most optometrists advise that lenses should be removed and stored in a cleansing solution every night. If an individual decides to use one, it is vital to consult a doctor regarding proper use and care to prevent any issues from developing in the future.

Oxygen loss

It is important to note that contact lens fit to the cornea of the eye, thus reducing the amount of oxygen being supplied to the cornea. Oxygen is vital for proper eye health which is why removal of the contact lens at night time allows the oxygen to reach the cornea as well as maintain good eye health.

The reduced amount of oxygen to the cornea can lead to more serious complications such as changes in the shape of the cornea, infection and even blindness in severe cases.

Presence of bacteria

Contact lens care
Using contact lens for prolonged periods of time especially overnight can lead to the development of corneal ulcers.

The soft type of contact lens can absorb bacteria and any allergens that can lead to irritation of the eye. The diminished supply of oxygen to the cornea provides a suitable environment for detrimental bacteria to build up and trigger issues. By removing the contact lens periodically and caring for them properly can help eliminate any bacteria from the eye.

Risk for blindness

Using contact lens for prolonged periods of time especially overnight can lead to the development of corneal ulcers. The condition is commonly called as ulcerative keratitis which can scar the cornea and result to permanent damage. Remember that this condition can progress into long-term and permanent blindness.

How to keep the eyes healthy

Even though the lens can lead to unwanted side effects if they are not properly cared for, it is quite simple to avoid these issues. Initially, the individual should carefully read the materials provided by the optometrist regarding proper use and care and ask any questions.

The contact lens must be removed periodically especially at night time and store them in a proper cleansing solution. The individual should strictly follow the recommended length of use of any type of contact lens he/she uses.

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