Can caffeine cause eye twitching?

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Eye twitching typically occurs in an abrupt manner and apparently unexpected. Even though it can oftentimes be linked to a serious health issue, eye twitching is a benign condition. You can relieve the twitching by determining and treating the underlying trigger which typically includes fatigue, stress and excess intake of caffeine.

Close look on eye twitching

Eye twitching might feel stronger than it actually is to someone looking at the individual or if the individual looks at himself/herself in the mirror. In most cases, only a single eyelid is affected but both can be involved.

The lower and upper eyelid are prone to eye jerking. This harmless type of eye twitching is known as myokymia. In case both eyes are fully closed and involuntarily blinking, this can indicate a serious condition known as blepharospasm.

The twitching that involves the whole side of the face is also serious and might be a neurological condition such as hemifacial spasm. If the individual experiences a serious form of eye twitching, it is vital to set an appointment with a doctor.

Eye twitching
Eye twitching might feel stronger than it actually is to someone looking at the individual or if the individual looks at himself/herself in the mirror.

What are the effects of caffeine?

Excessive intake of caffeine is a typical factor in myokymia. Careful assessment of the individual’s intake of caffeine during the period before eye twitching starts is beneficial. Oftentimes, the increased intake of caffeine goes hand in hand with stress and fatigue which are also common factors involved in abrupt eyelid twitching.

Myokymia typically stops on its own after a few days up to weeks, but you can hasten the process by minimizing or stopping the intake of caffeine as well as getting more sleep and reducing the level of stress.

Other potential factors for eye twitching

If the individual just recently ingested more alcohol, it might trigger more twitching. It is vital to stop or regulate the intake of alcohol to check if the eye twitching is alleviated. Any form of pressure or distress to the eyes can instigate twitching, thus it is best to have his/her prescription checked if he/she feels excessively straining just to see clearly.

In case allergies or dry eyes are bothersome, they might disrupt the integrity of the eye surface and triggering twitching. These should be managed with eye drops or other measures. Artificial tears can provide comfort to the eye surface as well as diminish the eye twitching.


Moderate intake of caffeine up to 200-300 mg or 2-4 cups of coffee is usually considered safe. If the individual increased the amount consumed lately, it should be considered if it is involved in the eye twitching.

The individual might be consuming more coffee than normal since it can be affected by hidden sources. Remember that caffeine is a component in some over-the-counter pain medications. With this in mind, it is vital to check the labels carefully. There are also some antibiotics, Echinacea and bronchodilators that can elevate the concentration of caffeine in the body.

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