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When it comes to first aid, it is all about being prepared whether at home, work or while on the road. Even though good maintenance of your vehicle can help prevent potential breakdowns, there is still the possibility that vehicular problems or bad weather can leave you stranded. With a car emergency kit either already pre-packaged or customized, it will ensure your safety. It is important to include the following supplies in your car emergency kit at all times.


It is important to include several high calorie energy bars that contain a lot of carbohydrates and protein. Make sure that the energy bars has a long shelf-life and can withstand cold and hot temperatures. Avoid salty foods since they will only increase your thirst, thus diminishing your water supply quickly. When storing food supplies, you have to put them in a hard plastic container.


One can live for days or even weeks without food, but you could not survive long without water. It is important to look for emergency water pouches instead of bottled water since they take up less space. Do not forget to check for water with a long-shelf life.


car emergency kit
Blankets must be included in a car emergency kit.

There should be one or two wool blankets that can provide warmth in case you need to spend the night inside your vehicle. Try to look for a space blanket or bag since they are the best for cold weather. They are made out of reflective material that will absorb your body heat as well as keeping you warm even during winter.


There should be two flashlights with extra batteries that will provide you with light under the hood of your vehicle as well as serving as a hazard light. You can look for a high-powered LED flashlight that can function for a long time.

Extra clothing

It is best to include seasonal clothing such as a hat, gloves, scarf and even a water-proof jacket.

Medications and medical supplies

For those who take daily prescriptions medications, you have to bring a supply that is enough for several days. As for medical supplies that are used regularly such as a glucose meter, you can bring one in your car emergency kit.


Aside from the jumper cables and tools for changing a flat tire, it is important to include a knife, basic tool kit and a collapsible shovel. You never know when you are going to get stuck in snow or mud while on the road.

Mobile phone and charger

Always remember that there are locations that there is no signal available. In case you wind up in an area where there is no signal, you do not want to end up with an empty battery. With this in mind, having a charger ready is definitely an advantage. You can invest on a wind-up mobile phone charger.

Always make sure that you regularly check and restock your car emergency kit at least once every season to ensure that all the stock are readily available.


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