What to do during eye injuries?

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Whether involved in a vehicular accident, sports event or even at home or in the workplace, eye injuries can occur. Any injury to the eye can result to diminished vision or even the loss of sight. If a family member or colleague at work sustained injuries to the eye, it is important to deliver the appropriate first aid measures to prevent further damage.

Chemical burns

When it comes to chemical burns to the eye, the initial first aid measure is to flush the eye with water. You have to hold the eyelids of the affected eye open using your hand, tilt the head towards the affected side of the face to prevent the chemical from entering the other eye. Flush for about 15-30 minutes to ensure that the chemical is completely removed from the eye tissue. You have to flush starting at the inner side of the eye at the side of the nose so that the water and chemical will drain from the head at the same side of the affected eye.

After flushing, you have to take the individual to the emergency department to ensure that there is no permanent damage to the eye tissue. Apply dressing and keep it in place using bandages to the face.

Black eye

eye injuries
Any injury to the eye can result to diminished vision or even the loss of sight.

In case the individual sustained an injury to the eye that resulted to a black eye or hematoma, there are measures that you have to perform. Hematoma is basically the bleeding beneath the skin tissue surrounding the eye. Initially, make sure that the individual is either sitting or lying down. Apply a cold compress or ice pack to the affected eye.

You have to wrap the cold compress or ice pack using a cloth before applying to the eye. In case the individual complains of pain and severe bruising or impaired vision, you have to bring him/her to a doctor or the emergency department at the nearest hospital.

Eye injuries involving contact lenses

For individuals who wear contact lenses and sustained an injury that does not involve bleeding or penetrating injuries in the eye socket, you have to initially remove the contact lenses from both eyes.

You have to take out the contact lenses by placing your index finger on the superior lid while the thumb is on the inferior lid and gradually open the lids. Using your thumb from your other hand, you should slide the contact lens to the outer edge of the eye and the lens can either stick to the thumb so that it can be easily removed or the lens will simply come out by pulling the skin at this edge in an upward and downward motion.

As much as possible, immediate delivery of first aid measures for eye injuries can help prevent further damage that can lead to loss of vision.

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