What are the measures to manage coughing attacks?

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When it comes to coughing attacks, they can be triggered by various factors including allergens, irritants present in the throat, asthma, chest cold and even smoking. There are various ways to manage a coughing attack. Take note that these attacks can be a cause of embarrassment once they occur in public and can easily disrupt with daily activities at work and at home. Fortunately, there are several measures that you can carry out to stop a coughing attack once it occurs as well as provide comfort to the individual. If you want to learn more about the condition and how to effectively carry out these measures, read here.

Warm liquids

Once a coughing attack occurs, many usually ask for a glass of cold water. By drinking warm liquids, it is effective in stopping a coughing attack. Hot tea with honey or lemon is an ideal way to stop a coughing attack. Always bear in mind that tea provides a soothing effect while honey coats the throat to help ease the cough. As for hot milk and honey, it can also soothe a coughing attack and drinking it before going to sleep will allow a good night’s rest.

Coughing attack
There are several measures that you can carry out to stop a coughing attack once it occurs as well as provide comfort to the individual.

Warm water can also provide a calming effect on coughing attacks. It is usually recommended to use hot water with lemon juice to effectively manage a cough.

Increased humidity

If an individual develops a cough during the winter season, it might be due to the dry atmosphere. It is important to note that heating the house will cause the air to dry out but using a humidifier can restore the moisture to the air and help manage the coughing attacks.

Another option to manage a coughing attack is to instruct the individual to step into a warm shower. The individual must be instructed to breathe in the warm vapors produced by the warm shower to help ease the cough.

You can also add essential oils such as peppermint and eucalyptus to the humidifier or warm shower to help control the coughing.

Cough syrup and cough drops

There are also several effective cough drops in the market that can help soothe the irritation that causes the coughing attacks. Several of these cough drops utilize menthol to help manage the cough and some also include citrus juices from oranges and lemons.

In some cases, providing the individual with a piece of peppermint or piece of sour candy to suck on can also help. There are also several effective over-the-counter cough syrups that are readily available in the market. Nevertheless, it is recommended to create a homemade cough syrup using two parts honey and one part lemon juice. Take note that the combination of the two ingredients is oftentimes enough to manage the cough effectively.

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