What are the allergies that cause puffy eyes?

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There are various reasons why eyes end up puffy including various allergies. The accumulation of fluid beneath the eyes occurs as a reaction to various allergens, causing the eyes to appear puffy. Aside from affecting the appearance of the individual, the puffiness around the eyes is often tender and uncomfortable as well as accompanied by redness and itchiness.

Hay fever

Hay fever is basically a condition that is triggered by exposure to pollen from plants and trees. Take note that ragweed is responsible for the condition during the fall. The puffy and itchy eyes are the prevalent symptoms of hay fever that typically occurs in countries that are subjected to high heat and humidity.

Puffy eyes
The symptoms animal dander allergy usually include sneezing, itchy or puffy eyes and coughing.

Once an individual experiences ragweed allergy, the body generates histamine that will accumulate in the face and area around the eyes. During the spring season, the immune system reacts similarly to trees, plants and mold. Take note that there is no cure for seasonal allergies and the individual must avoid the outdoors when the level of pollen are at the highest and when going indoors, he/she must always wash hands and change clothing. Antihistamines and eye drops are useful in managing the puffy eyes that manifest during the spring and fall season. Individuals who are allergic must observe proper measures to prevent an allergic reaction. You can learn how to properly manage an allergic reaction by enrolling in a first aid course today.

Animal dander

Another main cause of allergies that results to puffy eyes is animal dander. Some individuals are allergic to certain dog breeds while cat allergies are more common. The immune system of those who have pet allergies is highly sensitive and reacts upon contact with pet dander. The symptoms that usually manifest include sneezing, itchy or puffy eyes and coughing. These symptoms might not occur up to two days after exposure to the pet dander and can last for a month after the animal has been removed from the house.


Individuals who have food allergies can suffer from puffy eyes. This is triggered by the antibodies that are produced by the body to fight off the allergen. These accumulate on the skin particularly in the area surrounding the eyes. Histamine is released and causes the dilation of the blood vessels. It is important to note that food allergies can lead to breathing difficulty, runny nose, rashes and watery eyes aside from the puffy eyes. The reactions to certain foods can occur in a span of five minutes up to an hour after the consumption of food. Some of the common triggers include chocolate, berries, buckwheat and dairy products. In severe allergic reactions, it can lead to life-threatening symptoms that require immediate care. Individuals who are prone to severe allergies usually bring an EpiPen along wherever they go. You have to administer a shot in order to help counteract the symptoms until the individual can be taken to the hospital for further care.

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