Treatment options for muscle pain after a tetanus shot

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After an individual is subjected to certain bacteria when a wound or cut occurs, it can lead to a condition known as tetanus or lockjaw. This condition can cause muscle pain and stiffness, bolting of the jaw and even death in severe cases. The administration of a tetanus shot can help prevent this disease from occurring.

Even though the tetanus shots are usually well tolerated by most, there are certain side effects that can manifest including muscle pain. Once muscle pain occurs, there are treatment options that can be applied to ease the discomfort of the individual. By enrolling in a course on first aid, you can learn more about these measures.

Pain medications

Tetanus shot
In case muscle pain is accompanied by swelling, the application of ice can help minimize the symptoms.

Within hours or days after a tetanus shot is given to an individual, the area around the site where the vaccine was administered will turn red in color and become sore or swollen. In rare cases, the muscle pain can spread to other parts of the body. A doctor should be consulted regarding the suitable over-the-counter pain medication to use to reduce the pain.

The doctor can prescribe the suitable pain medication and dosage based on the age, overall health and also taking into consideration other medications used. In some individuals, the use of pain medications can minimize the effectiveness of the vaccine. In most cases, the pain medications are only required for 1-2 days after the symptoms manifest.

Application of heat

The muscle pain caused by a tetanus shot can also be relieved by the application of heat over the affected area. This can be done in the form of a warm, moist cloth or by using a heating pad. It is also useful to massage the surrounding muscles in a gentle manner while heating to promote relaxation and help loosen them up.

Heat can be applied for 10-20 minutes at periods throughout the day. Nevertheless, it is best to seek medical care if the pain becomes severe, fever develops or there is difficulty breathing or there are signs of an allergic reaction.

Application of ice

In case muscle pain is accompanied by swelling, the application of ice can help minimize the symptoms. This can be accompanied by the application of an ice pack or a pack of frozen vegetables. Another option is to freeze water in a small paper cup. Once the water is frozen, peel the paper and apply gentle ice massage on the affected area. The ice works by numbing the affected area and minimize the inflammation. Take not that ice can be applied for 10-15 minutes at certain periods throughout the day.

In case the muscle pain persists for some time after the tetanus shot was administered, it is best to consult a doctor for proper assessment and determine the exact cause.

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