The causes of pressure headaches

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It is a known fact that pressure headaches are one of the prevalent types of headaches that affects many individuals all over the globe. This type of headache can manifest if there is an accumulation of mucus, cerebrospinal fluid or blood that causes increasing pressure within the head. There is also a possibility of a developing tumor in the brain that can trigger this headache. Stress, migraines and abrupt changes in the air pressure can also cause pressure headaches.

Development of tumors

Always bear in mind that pressure headache can be considered as a symptom of a develop brain tumor. As the brain tumor starts to grow, it adds pressure within the head. It is usual for a brain tumor related headache to cause intense pain in the morning. In such cases, a headache tends to become more frequent and can worsen over time. Aside from the headaches, an individual who has a developing brain tumor can also experience nausea and vomiting. Additionally, the pressure within the head can worsen if the individual bends over, sneezes or coughs. If you want to provide relief to the headache triggered by this condition, all you have to do is to enroll in a first aid course today.

Pressure headache
Aside from the headaches, an individual who has a developing brain tumor can also experience nausea and vomiting.

Sinus infections

A sinus infection can also trigger a pressure headache. It is important to note that pressure headaches are quite common among individuals who have sinus infection in which the infections or allergies are triggering sinus inflammation and congestion.

A healthy sinus will allow the mucus to drain but once they become swollen, the mucus is blocked inside and this causes severe pressure. The indications of a sinus infection include greenish or yellowish discharge from the nose, fever, swollen nasal passages and fatigue. The pain is worst behind the eyes and in the forehead. Take note that abrupt movement can aggravate the pain and severe pain is experienced in the morning since the mucus has accumulated in the sinuses throughout the night.


It is important to note that hydrocephalus is basically a medical condition where the cerebrospinal fluid has gathered within the brain. This results to intense pressure which triggers the onset of headaches. Hydrocephalus is quite common among infants but it can also occur among older children and even adults. This medical condition can develop if the individual has bleeding within the brain. In some cases, the condition is inherited or can be triggered by certain disorders in the production of the cerebrospinal fluid.

Among infants, hydrocephalus can be caused by certain conditions that have been transmitted by the mother to the fetus. Take note that hydrocephalus can be treated with the insertion of a shunt system that works by diverting the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid from the brain to another part of the body where it can be easily absorbed.


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