Persistent rhinitis: What are the commonly used treatments?

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Persistent rhinitis is typically triggered by allergic rhinitis. The non-allergic type might be harder to manage and depends on the cause. In most cases, steroid nasal sprays might be useful.

Commonly used treatment choices for persistent rhinitis

If persistent rhinitis is due to an allergy, there are several treatment choices that can be considered.

Avoidance of the allergens

If an individual has persistent rhinitis due to an allergy, avoiding the allergens can prevent symptoms from occurring. Nevertheless, this is not always simple.

  • In case the individual is allergic to house dust mites, it requires using bed covers and regular cleaning and vacuuming especially in the bedroom.
  • If animal dander is the trigger of persistent rhinitis, it is recommended to keep pets out of the main living areas especially the bedroom. In addition, regular washing of pets is also beneficial.
    Persistent rhinitis
    An antihistamine nasal spray can be used to rapidly alleviate the sneezing and itchiness due to persistent rhinitis.

Antihistamine nasal sprays

An antihistamine nasal spray can be used to rapidly alleviate the sneezing and itchiness due to persistent rhinitis. This treatment option might not be effective in easing congestion though.

Antihistamines work by blocking the action of histamine. This is one of the chemicals involve in allergic reactions. A spray can be utilized as needed if there are mild symptoms. It can also be taken on a regular basis to keep the symptoms at bay.

Antihistamine tablets or liquid

Antihistamine that are taken orally or in liquid form are also alternatives. They work by easing the symptoms but not effective in alleviating nasal congestion.

Antihistamines in oral form are ideal if there are both eye and nasal symptoms. These are usually given to small children instead of a nasal spray. A dosage typically works within an hour. This can be taken as needed if the symptoms are mild or come and go. In addition, they can also be taken on a regular basis if the symptoms are present each day.

Steroid nasal sprays and drops

Steroid nasal sprays typically work in clearing the nasal symptoms of persistent rhinitis. It works by minimizing the nasal inflammation as well as ease the eye symptoms.

The steroid sprays usually take several days to build up to its full effect. Remember that it could not provide immediate relief when it is initially used. In some individuals, it can take 3 weeks or more to be fully effective.

The steroid nasal sprays are usually effective if the symptoms are severe. It can also be utilized along with antihistamines if the symptoms could not be fully controlled by either alone.

The spray must be used each day to keep the symptoms at bay. Nevertheless, once the symptoms have settled, the dosage should be reduced to a low maintenance dose.

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