How to care for viral conjunctivitis at home

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Conjunctivitis involves irritation and inflammation of the conjunctiva which is the transparent mucous membrane that outlines the white part of the eye and interior of the eyelids. The condition can develop due to various reasons including allergies, infections or exposure to irritants.

Viral conjunctivitis or pink eye often responds to various remedies at home or vanishes on its own. With the help of home remedies, the infection can clear up more rapidly.

Application of a warm compress

When it comes to viral conjunctivitis, the distinctive symptoms include redness, itchiness and watering. It is triggered by viral organisms from the mouth and nasal area during a cold, sore throat or flu. Since these viral conditions are allowed to run their course, it is also true for this type of conjunctivitis.

The condition generally lasts for 4-7 days but supporting the immune system promotes faster recovery. Applying a warm compress can help draw blood to the mucosal surfaces by dilation of the blood vessels. Take note that blood naturally transports disease-fighting immune cells that can fight the infection. The application should be performed 3-4 times throughout the day at 5-minute sessions.

Breast milk

Viral conjunctivitis
Applying a warm compress can help draw blood to the mucosal surfaces by dilation of the blood vessels.

Breast milk is labelled as the ideal food on earth. It is also a good source of immune-enhancing antibodies. The antibodies are highly beneficial in dealing with infectious organisms.

Breast milk is considered as the best home remedy in managing viral conjunctivitis. Infants and young children are quite prone to develop viral conjunctivitis due to the uninhibited reflexes for touching their nose, mouth and eyes. If breast milk is available, simply pour the newly pumped milk into both eyes 4-5 times throughout the day.

Chamomile compress

Chamomile can also be used as a topical remedy in various conditions. For viral conjunctivitis, chamomile teabags can be used to minimize the inflammation. All you have to do is place a teabag in warm water for 2-3 minutes. Wring out the excess and apply the damp teabag over the affected eye for 2-3 minutes. This remedy can also be used 3-4 times throughout the day.

Baby shampoo for viral conjunctivitis

It is important to note that baby shampoo is specifically formulated to the natural pH level of the human eye. This is why it will not cause any irritation. The virus causes the affected eye to drain a clear watery substance.

Take note that this discharge can readily displace the microorganism from the affected to the uninfected eye or from one individual to another. You can create a baby shampoo solution to wipe away any secretions of both viral and bacterial cases. A cotton ball immersed in one-part baby shampoo to a 10-part warm water solution can be used to clean the area.

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