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There are common household poisons that are considered dangerous to humans. It is important to be careful when using these household substances. There are some chemicals that become toxic if they are combined together, while others are already poisonous when used as directed.

Bleach and ammonia

Always remember that it is bad to combine bleach and ammonia. The gas produced by the mixture of the two chemicals is a strong poison that was utilized in the past for chemical warfare. With this in mind, chemicals should be properly labelled in order to prevent combining incorrectly that can result to deadly mix.


Majority of pesticides including shampoos for lice can contain organophophates which is considered some of the deadly poisons at home. Pesticide poisoning can result to a reaction that can lead to death if not treated right away. It is important to use these chemicals with care and always follow the instructions of the manufacturer.

Carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that quickly displaces oxygen present in the bloodstream. Carbon monoxide can easily leak from any gas motor, cars, boats, lawn mowers and many more. Poisoning due to carbon monoxide can also occur from appliances that burn gas that is not properly calibrated. Additionally, do not leave any vehicle running in closed spaces since the carbon monoxide can accumulate in the area.

Food poisoning

household poisons
Vomiting and abdominal pain can indicate food poisoning.

Take note that food poisoning is actually a food-borne bacterial illness. Majority of food poisoning cases is not life-threatening but excessive diarrhea and vomiting can lead to dehydration if not treated right away.

Treatment for poisoning due to common household poisons

Always remember that quick action is essential in handling a household poisoning. It is important to get in touch with poison control right away.

In case you suspect poisoning, you have to stay calm and follow the steps recommended by the poison control. It is also important to call for emergency assistance immediately.

There are also certain steps to take while waiting for the medical team to arrive. For poison in the eyes, you have to flush the eyes for 15-20 minutes. As for inhaled poison, you should take the individual to an area that has fresh air right away.

What to expect in the emergency room

Once the individual is taken to the emergency room, the medical team will provide the appropriate measures and monitor the vital signs, including the pulse, temperature, breathing and blood pressure. The symptoms are treated appropriately in order to prevent the condition of the individual from worsening.


The outlook of an individual depends on the amount of poison swallowed or inhaled and how fast the treatment was given. Understandably, the faster the individual receives medical help, the better chance for recovery. Always remember that household poisons should be treated right away in order to prevent the condition of the individual from worsening.

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