Bumps around the eyes

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The presence of bumps around the eye can oftentimes appear as hard, pearl-like acne. Even though it is quite common among infants, some adults can infrequently end up with these frustrating yet minor bumps. By identifying the causes and indications of these bumps, you can learn how to prevent and manage the bumps in order to get rid of them as well as prevent them from occurring in the future.

What are the symptoms?

Bumps around the eye are more likely to manifest as pearly, hard, whitish bumps that can become red once irritated. It is important to note that these bumps are usually 1-2mm in diameter.

The bumps are not itchy or irritating but can be embarrassing and unsightly for most individuals. Since the bumps affect the aesthetic aspect, consulting a doctor is recommended so that proper measures can be carried out.

Possible causes

Bumps around the eyes
The bumps are not itchy or irritating but can be embarrassing and unsightly for most individuals.

The exact cause of the bumps that develop around the eye might be milia. These are described as small-sized, white to yellow bumps that develop on the interior corner of the eye as well as right beneath the eyelid.

When it comes to milia, they are caused by dead skin cells that are trapped under the skin surface, forming a hard bump. If these bumps are not milia, it could be pimples in the eye area. These pimples appear red, black or have white tops.


Milia can affect anyone of all ages. Even though it is quite common among babies, an adult can end up with milia. You can prevent milia in the first place, especially if the individual is prone to bumps around the eye area.

The use of various skin products such as creams, lotions and makeup can oftentimes worsen the problem. It is recommended to look for lighter products that specifically indicate “non-comedogenic” on the label to ensure that the products will not clog up pores. Using sunscreen can also protect the skin from the annoying bumps since they are more prevalent among individuals with sun-damaged skin.

Treatment for bumps around the eye

Once evident on the skin among infants, milia usually vanish over time. If the individual suffers from milia, it is recommended to schedule an appointment with a doctor. The usual acne products could not help eliminate milia effectively. The doctor will create an incision on top of the bump to extract it as a form of treatment.

It is important to note that milia might appear as small-sized pimples, but should not be treated in the same way as acne. Do not squeeze or pinch milia since this will only cause further irritation and even skin damage.

It is not advisable to cut the skin to remove the milia at home due to the risk for infection. Always consult a doctor for proper assessment and proper extraction of the milia can be carried out.

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